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I created a sustainable fashion brand, Sust House, from the ground up. I designed the branding system, sourced and organized the inventory, planned photoshoots, designed and created the website, conceptualized and designed the magazine, created and manage social channels — Instagram and TikTok, and planned pop-up shops and a launch party.


Role: Designer 👩‍💻, Illustrator ✍️, Photographer 📸, Image Editor 🎞, Video Editor 📹, Writer 📝, Branding Manager 📈, Social Media Manager 🤳, Website Creator and Manager 💻, Event Planner 🎈

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Figma, Adobe After Effects

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Instagram: → @susthousebrand

TikTok: → @susthousebrand

The story behind it all: 📖

Sust House is an inclusive sustainable fashion brand that encourages climate resilience through its mission: promoting sustainable fashion for everyday people. Sust is a lust, a passion or desire, for a more sustainable future. The tagline is “Modern Fashion is Sustainable Fashion.” Sust House supplies sustainable essentials for conscious consumers with an inventory that is completely thrifted and secondhand.

Throughout my life, I have found myself gravitating toward certain interests: art and creative thinking, fashion, sustainability, graphic design, photography, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Sust House is an intersection of my passions.

This project explores the concept of branding and the value created through branding. It investigates how branding secondhand and thrifted items can give them a new life and make them appear more attractive to consumers.

When curating the brand, I decided to experiment with the idea of building an aesthetic to create the branding. Instead of focusing on a logo design, I decided to stick with the simple, modern wordmark and expand off of that. I wanted the aesthetic to be alternative and grunge, while still feeling natural and sustainable, but also modern and bold.