P009 → Personal Photography

Film photos taken from my travels around Europe: Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Murano, Burano, Florence, Rome, Positano, Amalfi Coast, and cities in Iceland.


Role: Photographer 📸, Image Editor 🎞

Tools: 35 mm Film and Film Camera

The story behind it all: 📖

 I can always be found with my film camera. I had experimented with photography all my life, but when I studied abroad in Copenhagen my love for photography became a deep passion. I was able to capture small moments and beautiful scenes from my travels to share with family and friends back home. I found that my film photos became my most prized souvenirs.

I experimented with different 35 mm film and compositions. I felt that only film could accurately capture my perception of these moments. Since my travels, I use my film camera for any photography driven projects.