P007 → There is No Hierarchy in Coexisting

A social environmental campaign I created using film photos I captured around the city of Copenhagen. I took the photos, got the developed, edited them to create posters and books to advertise the campaign.


Role: Designer 👩‍💻, Photographer 📸, Image Editor 🎞, Writer 📝, Campaign Manager 📈

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, 35 mm Film, Film Camera

The story behind it all: 📖

To express the environmental impact of humans I constructed this campaign. I call it my naive utopia, there is no hierarchy in coexisting. If humans can understand that we are no different than the soil under our feet and the trees that surround us, peace can be made with our environment. In creating a method to advertise my ideology; however, I beg that this advertising campaign is not intended to add to the capitalist agenda, but quite the opposite. I imagine these images as covers for a series of magazines promoting this ideology and as posters that fellow believers hang up in their rooms.