P002 → Copentone Deck of Cards

Featuring photos taken around Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, this series is comprised of 52 cards, in four suits each of thirteen ranks, a joker, and the packaging.


Role: Designer 👩‍💻, Illustrator ✍️, Photographer 📸, Image Editor 🎞, Writer 📝

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

The story behind it all: 📖

When studying abroad in Copenhagen, I couldn’t help but photograph everything I laid my eyes on. I have always enjoyed photography, and everywhere I looked I found inspiration. As my camera roll started to fill up, I decided I needed to use these photos in my next project.

I created a deck of playing cards that showcase the colors of Copenhagen. A play on PANTONE, the suits feature images of different color palettes — hearts are blue, diamonds are green, clubs are red, and spades are yellow. Each card displays a unique photo, the coordinates of where the photo was taken, and a playful title.