P008 → Personal Artwork

A range of my personal artwork made on/with different mediums.


Role: Painter 🎨, Illustrator ✍️, Photographer 📸, Image Editor 🎞

Tools: Oil Pastel, Oil Paint, Watercolor Paint, Drawing Pens, Spray Paint

The story behind it all: 📖

In my free time I find myself gravitating towards physical artwork. While I pride myself as a graphic designer, there is a difference between getting my ideas out digitally and physically. In my oil pastel works, I mainly used my fingers to blend and create the pieces. I find that my abstract style allows me to experiment with how my eyes and my brain perceive differently.

I have always been interested in art. From taking art camp as a child to studying AP Art in high school, I have a deep understanding in how to use different mediums. All my current artwork is an expression of creating my own rules and compositions.  Inspired by the simple things around me, I am an artist first and a graphic designer second.