P003 → Fire Hydrant 3D Captures

Polycam 3D Captures of Fire Hydrants that can be projected into Augmented Reality (AR).


Role: 3D Capturer 👩‍🔧, Photographer 📸, Video Editor 📹

Tools: Polycam, Adobe After Effects

The story behind it all: 📖

To experiment with Polycam, a LiDAR & 3D Scanner App, I started scanning anything I could find with good texture. After completing various scans, I realized that scanning outdoors provided the best lighting. I would take walks and scan random objects — from mailboxes to traffic cones to fire hydrants. I posted one fire hydrant I was particularly proud of on the Polycam Explore page and it started to gain a lot of traction. 

That inspired this series of Fire Hydrant 3D Captures. Fire Hydrants are great to capture because there is a lot of texture — for example, the nuts and bolts, the raised writing and symbols, and the weathering. Fire hydrants are also uniquely shaped.

Using the Polycam app, I use photogrammetry to create the 3D captures. Once the capture is processed, there is a feature to project the capture into AR. I have a lot of fun playing around with projecting the captures.